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Tree Climbing Was The Best

During my youth kids were required to pass through a tree climbing phase as part of the transition from being a kid to becoming a teenager. Not just any old tree would do of course. The majestic oak was always a tower of strength but the limbs were too high up for it to be a good climbing tree. Likewise, the tall pecan trees that grew in our yard would have required a chain of ladders just to make it to the first limb.

Back toward the center of our property grew a very beautiful Sweet Bay Magnolia (Magnolia Virginiana) tree. The leaves were bright green with an almost wax appearance in the sunshine. Inside the green foliage it was very easy to climb right to the center trunk where numerous low hanging limbs were perfect for any size kid. It was so much fun to make the criss-cross climb across the various tree branches winding my way up as close as possible to the top. Inside the foliage, cool air rustling the leaves was the only sound heard on a summer’s midday. The beautiful, fragrant magnolia flower blooms were always a special treat in March and April. Only a kid knew that the best views of the flowers were from an inside tree limb looking out towards the sun.

Of course for total climbing pleasure this kid of leisure would usually choose the fig tree. With its very low entry point from the ground, right away you’re sitting half- way up in the middle of the tree. Our fig tree limbs formed a natural cradle allowing me to lay back with arms outstretched and relax just as well as any hammock. When the figs were in season it was a real treat just to reach out and grab a handful to snack on. Fairly often it became necessary to share the fig tree with passing birds because in choosing between fear of humans and the taste of ripe figs they always managed to be courageous.

Parents if you have the space to grow trees make sure your kids get to enjoy the wonderful pleasures of tree climbing. It will bless them with lifelong memories.

In addition to being a passionate gardener Jason Canon has authored numerous technical research papers including: photonic switching, gigabit networking, VoIP/E9- 1-1, and others.

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Welcome to my personal website and blog on the Internet.  Like the Internet, I’ve been around for a very long time.  In the early 1970’s I decided that broadcasting was not to be my destiny and traded in my WACL radio microphone for a computer keyboard.  For the next 35 years or so I enjoyed working on the development of computer networking technologies.  Enclosed below you will find several links to various technical articles that I authored or co-authored.  Today, I operate a few dozen websites for fun, profit, and mental stimulation.

My generation owes far more to younger generations than we have given.  Too often, as parents we “neglected” our duties to instill moral values and responsibilities in our children.  For some, they never received that from their parents either.  The result is dysfunctional families and a rapidly growing dysfunctional society.  With no moral compass we have become a nation of liars and of lies.  Deception is no longer limited to a few scam artists but is practiced on a large scale by our corporate and political leaders.  Wrong has become right and right has become wrong but this is not new!  Thousands of years ago Isaiah 5:20, in the Hebrew bible, warned:

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light,
and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

People no longer want to hear words from the bible because it is the source of “religion” and everyone knows in advance that ALL religion is totally bad and definitely false.  Or is it?  How could someone thousands of years ago be capable of looking so far into the future and so eloquently describe our society without help from a higher power?  Have you ever wondered where the laws of physics came from?  Do you really believe that a nearly 13 billion light year universe became a reality completely based on random chance?  Are you really willing to gamble the opportunity for eternal life based on the negative supposition that afterlife is impossible?  If you are reading this now, its not too late to choose the path that leads to the creator.

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