My very first baby boomer blog topic comes from something I used to do as a kid in the 1960’s; yeah, that’s A.D. not B.C. 🙂 To achieve this great feat required all of the following items:

1. A Daisy Winchester Style BB Gun;
2. A glass Coke bottle manufactured during the baby boomer years.

The way this trick worked is that you had to place the tip of the BB gun barrel up against the bottom of a Coke bottle and, of course, pull the trigger. The result was something midway between astonishing and beautifully artistic. Unfortunately, I don’t have even a single one of these to show you how beautiful it was. When the BB struck the bottom of a Coke bottle what popped out, on the inside of the bottle, was a perfectly formed glass cone. The cone had no sharp edges anywhere, which, in part is where my description of its beauty comes from.

cone image

Illustrative cone shape

So without one of the objects to photograph, all I can do is offer this generic cone shaped object for your viewing. Not the real glass work of art! How about you? Did you also make these objects during your baby boomer youth years? Better still, do you have or can you easily make a photo of the object I’m describing? I would love to obtain a photo. Of course, I could purchase an old BB gun, then buy an old Coke bottle and make one for myself but honestly that seems a bit excessive just to own a small piece of baby boomer glass history.

When I think about someone digging up one of those objects I created 1,000 years from now it makes me smile. I wonder what they will decide it was used for?