After many years of my domain sitting on a shelf gathering dust I decided to get busy and finally setup   Instead of installing my favorite Content Management System (CMS) for the past half-dozen years – Joomla – I decided to finally go against my own natural inclinations to stay away from WordPress and become yet another baby boomer blogger (yabbb).  Certainly over the next few weeks numerous templates will come and go but eventually it will be nice to settle down with one that can provide the greatest flexibility.  Until then, its experimentation time.

You know what is the absolute best thing about being a baby boomer? Nope, above all “being alive” has to rank #1 on my list! Existing on the “right side” of the grass means that everything else is secondary because I can still look up in adoration and appreciation of this gorgeous planet I call home. Nature gives me a genuine sense of peace, which is unequaled by all the nifty practices like meditation that I learned over my lifetime. “I think I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree” really says it all for me. I wouldn’t trade listening to natures most prolific musician, the mockingbird, over anything created by humans so far. Not that I don’t think that humans are awesome because I do! I just don’t think there is a comparison that could seriously be made between even the lowly power of a thunderstorm to our greatest achievements.

If you are a boomer please drop me a line. If you are not a boomer please drop me a dollar via PayPal (jmc at canon dot org) sometime lol! I can’t promise you a dollars worth of value in return but then again most of the dollars you spend don’t return much value either! One more won’t make a big difference to you in the long run! Thanks for visiting!!!

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